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Newsletter Special Edition Oct 2018

In June, a number of OMEP Australia members attended the World Assembly and Conference in the beautiful city of Prague, in the Czech Republic. The conference marked the 70th anniversary of OMEP conferences and was fittingly held in the same city as the inaugural conference in 1948. Attendees at the World Assembly were lucky enough…

IJEC: International Journal of Early Childhood

International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC) is published by the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education. (IJEC) aims to bring the global early childhood community together and to facilitate the interchange of ideas and information. Its purpose is to contribute to an international and critical scientific debate about research and practice in the field of…

Sowing the Seeds of Peace: Australia and the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education

The World Organisation for Early Childhood Education is generally known as OMEP, from the French translation. The organisation has grown to national members of 60+. The emphasis of this book is on the development of OMEP in Australia as well as Australian participation in the region and in World Council meetings.

Pathways for Peace

Violent conflicts today are complex and increasingly protracted, involving more non-state groups and regional and international actors. It is estimated that by 2030—the horizon set by the international community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals—over half of the world’s poor will be living in countries affected by high levels of violence. Information and communications technology,…

Theory into Practice

Research shows that quality teaching practice in preschool and early childhood settings across the world continues to be a critical factor in supporting children to lead full and purposeful lives into the future. And, yet, quality in early childhood continues to be debated and contested, not just by educators but by economists and world leaders….