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Statement in Support for Ukraine

OMEP Australia joins OMEP World in standing by the people of Ukraine and condemning the invasion of this sovereign state by the Russian army.

In particular, our thoughts are with all Ukrainian families, with the many women and children fleeing their homes for refuge in other countries, now separated from their men who remain behind to defend their country, and also with those families trapped in towns and cities under fire.

OMEP was born in the aftermath of World War Two, and since that time has striven to bring together people from all over the world, to share information and promote the wellbeing, rights and education of young children.

We call on all States to work together to end this hostility immediately.

In addition, there has been a decision adopted by the UNESCO Executive Board at the 7th Special Meeting (held in Paris, March 15-16, 2022) on the consequence of the current situation in Ukraine on all aspects of UNESCO’s mandate. Thanks to Lisbeth Gouin, the official representative at UNESCO Paris, for sending this document and news. View documented decision.

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