Why I Joined OMEP Australia

“I joined OMEP because of its commitment to children’s rights and its international connections – especially with organisations such as UNESCO – and its role in developing and advocating the UNCRC. I believe that high quality early childhood, play-based, education is a right for all children and should be free of charge. I believe also that ECEC are places where children can learn about the rights and responsibilities of themselves and others. My hope is that together OMEP Australia can advocate for children’s right to high quality, play-based education, with well qualified and supported educators – both in Australia, our region and internationally”

Dr Sandie Wong

“I joined OMEP to work with people from different walks of life who want to make a better world for children. As a policy researcher, I worry that too much is said about the economic benefits of early learning, and not enough about children’s rights to learn and thrive. I also value OMEP’s global reach, because children benefit when we all work together across the world. OMEP even has a voice in the United Nations, which shows how respected it is internationally! On a personal level, I enjoy learning with the amazing people that I’ve met through the OMEP community.”

Dr Jen Jackson